Friday, January 22, 2016

Head Covering Summarized from 1 Cor 11

Paul starts with a theology of headship in v. 3, applies the theology to the realm of public worship (v. 4-5). He then states that the woman's hair is the glory of man and that man is the glory of God. The glory of God is central to public worship (v. 6-7) The woman ought to cover 1) because of God's created order and the angelic witness regarding God's created order (v.8-12) and 2) Women have an everyday covering for their head and worship is not everyday life so that she will cover her glory in public worship so as not to detract from the glory of God. (v. 13-15) So, clearly the additional covering is needed. And clearly, the appeal to this as a creation ordinance means that the principles are universally and perpetually applicable and not limited to a specific cultural context.

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