Monday, February 1, 2016

Objections to Psalmody: Cultic Practices of the Temple

But the Psalms mention:

  • Instruments
  • Animal Sacrifice
  • Ascent to the Temple
  • Inscense

There are many ceremonial aspects of worship mentioned in the Psalms besides musical instruments (animal sacrifices, incense, etc.). The same book of the New Testament (Colossians) which teaches that the ceremonial law is now abolished (chapter 2), also teaches that we are to sing Psalms (3:16). Those ceremonial aspects of worship mentioned in the Psalms give us a picture of worship that points to Christ (for example, incense is a type of prayer as is taught in Ps. 141:2 and Rev. 5:8) so it is not inconsistent with Christian worship to sing about modes of worship that were approved by God in the past, but abolished today. Ceremonial worship was abolished, but it is not wrong to read about or sing about it, when we are commanded to do so. And indeed the Psalms are for ever, while ceremonial worship is not.

In the End it comes down to this, No temple, no sacrifice; no sacrifice, no instrument.

New Testament Worship is modeled after the simplicity of the Synagogue and reflects realities of a dispensation of greater grace and less need for ceremony.

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